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The Miss Angelic Queen of America® pageant is one of the longest running, most prestigious mail in or online pageants operating today. This unique specialty pageant offers competitions at the local, state, and national levels. Our winners have appeared in national pageant magazines, parades, and newspapers. Contestants find the convenience of competing without wardrobe and traveling costs to be a treat along with the opportunity to be recognized for volunteer service and achievements.


Congratulations to the 2004 Miss Angelic City, State, and NATIONAL Queens!



Miss Kateri Camp (Petite Miss Division) proudly representing: Bartlett, TX
City Most Beautiful Eyes, Most Gorgeous Hair, and Natural Beauty Winner. 
Miss Ashley Augustine (Junior Miss Division) proudly representing: St. Louis, MO
Miss Miranda Appel (Teen Miss Division) proudly representing: Scottsdale, KS
Miss Shelly Gross (Miss Division) proudly representing: Hampshire, IL
*City Talent, Most Glamorous, Natural Beauty, and Most Radiant Smile Winner.
Miss Bayleigh (Petite Miss Division) proudly representing: Garland, TX
City Most Radiant Smile, Most Beautiful Eyes, Most Glamorous
Miss Rhiannon (Adorable Miss Division) proudly representing: Fresno, CA
**Miss Rhiannon is Adorable Miss CA!
***Rhiannon Adorable Miss NATIONAL Angelic Queen
Ms. Anna Hessel (Elegant Ms. Division) proudly representing: Elmhurst, IL
*City Most Glamorous, Most Beautiful Smile, Most Beautiful Eyes, and Interview Winner. **Ms. Anna Elegant Ms. IL & the State Most Glamorous, Most Radiant Smile and Beautiful Eyes Winner!
**Ms. Anna is Elegant Ms. NATIONAL Angelic Queen
Miss Abigail Harvey (Baby Miss Division) proudly representing: Kingsport, TN
Miss Melissa Wilson (Miss Division) proudly representing: Florence, KY
**Miss Melissa is Miss KY!
Miss Michelle Bissell (Miss Division) proudly representing: Athens, OH
**Michelle is Miss Ohio!
Miss Sabryna Strickland (Baby Miss Division) proudly representing: Alum Creek, WV
*City Most Glamorous, Most Beautiful Eyes, and Cover Model Winner.
**Sabrina is Baby Miss!
Miss Jamie Dante (Miss Division) proudly representing: Madison County, IL
*City Most Radiant Smile, Most Gorgeous Hair, Natural Beauty, Most Glamourous
**Jamie is Miss IL!
Miss Kaileigh Metz (Petite Miss Division) proudly representing: Baltimore, MD
Miss Julie Black (Darling Miss Division) proudly representing: San Jose, CA
**Julie is Darling Miss CA!
Miss Jamesia Wright (Junior Miss Division) proudly representing: Durham North Carolina
Miss Jessica McCormack (Petite Miss Division) proudly representing: Champaign, OH
**Jessica is Petite Miss OH!
***Jessica is Petite Miss NATIONAL Angelic Queen
Miss Carolyn Nicholas (Petite Miss Division) proudly representing: Gray, LA
*City Natural Beauty
**Carolyn is Petite Miss LA!
Ms Samantha Miller (Miss Division) proudly representing: Glen Allen, VA
Miss Laura Sahlender (Teen Division) proudly representing: East Greenville, PA
*City Most Beautiful Eyes, Most Radiant Smile, Most Gorgeous Hair, Prettiest Eyes, Natural Beauty, Cover Model, Sportswear, Most Glamorous, Ideal Model 
***Laura is NATIONAL Miss Teen Angelic Queen
Miss Aaliyah Sandoval (Petite Miss Division) proudly representing: Espanola, NM
*City Most Radiant Smile Winner
Miss Kyla Stevens (Darling Miss Division) proudly representing: Dresden, OH
**Miss Alana Harrington (Miss Division) is Miss IL!
**Miss Lana Henry (Miss Division) is Miss CA!
***Lana is a NATIONAL Miss Angelic Queen

NATIONAL Beauty Winners:
Natural Beauty: Jessica McCormack
Prettiest Eyes& Ideal Model: Jamie Dant
NATIONAL Optional Winners:
Miss Congeniality: Anna Hessel
Miss Photogenic: Laura Sahlender
Spirit Award: Anna Hessel
Volunteer Service: Jamie Dant
Achievement of Excellence: Lana Henry









 I have had wonderful experiences with my Pilato titles especially that of Angelic Queen. I have visited hospitals, and I ride in a lot of parades. I even had the chance to be photographed with Billy Dean and Kenny Rogers. My husband and family love the idea of my being considered Angelic, as I have much faith in the Lord and my Angelic Queen title has allowed me to make a difference in the world and serve God while serving others. I have been featured in Epiczine, Turn for The Judges and Pageant Parade with my Angelic Queen title and was even asked to audition for a Lifetime television pilot.

Hannah Sarah Khessel,