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The Miss Angelic Queen of America® pageant is one of the longest running, most prestigious mail in or online pageants operating today. This unique specialty pageant offers competitions at the local, state, and national levels. Our winners have appeared in national pageant magazines, parades, and newspapers. Contestants find the convenience of competing without wardrobe and traveling costs to be a treat along with the opportunity to be recognized for volunteer service and achievements.

State Entry Form

Did you miss the State entry deadline? If so... you can still enter state! Just use the form below and submit add $5 to your state fee to bypass the State entry. Using this option will allow you to enter state, but State prizes will not be awarded.

Do you already have a State TITLE?
If so... please send any updates to: missangelicqueen.com and skip down to the "Entry Packages" portion of the form.

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Entry Packages

Economy Package Fee:

 $15 (Includes press release, queen sash, and the right to advance to the national competition)

Basic Package Fee:

 $35 (Includes press release, certificate of recognition, custom title sash, and the right to advance to the national competition)

Supreme Package Fee:

 $55 (Includes press release, certificate of recognition, a custom embroidered title sash: Angelic Queen of (State), Beautiful State Tiara, and the right to advance to the national competition, and more! Please check the prize page for more details. )

Open Region Option Fee:
 $5 If you do not have a local title, you must pay the additional $5 fee to bypass the City Queen competition and enter your State Pageant

Optional Competitions:

 $7 - Talent

For talent, please submit a photo of yourself in your performance costume along with a description of your talent and performance experience.

Talent Photo:   

Talent Description: 

 $7 - Interview

Please answer the following question in essay format:

How would you promote your title as a Miss Angelic Queen State Representative?


 $7 - Evening Gown/Party Dress

Preferred Title:   Evening Gown    Beauty Attire Winner

Please submit a photo of yourself in an evening gown, party dress, or beauty attire.

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Beauty Award Competitions:

 $7 - Most Beautiful

Most Beautiful Photo Submission: 

 $7 - Prettiest Eyes

Prettiest Eyes Photo Submission: 

 $7 - Most Gorgeous Hair

Most Gorgeous Hair Photo Submission: 

 $7 - Ideal Model

Ideal Model Photo Submission: 

 $7 - Most Glamorous

Most Glamorous Photo Submission: 

 $7 - Cover Model

Cover Model Photo Submission: 

$7 - Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty Photo Submission: 

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**Regarding Sponsored Prizes: Prizes must be claimed from the sponsors within 2 weeks of the announcement of winners or will be subject to forfeiture. (Sponsors are responsible for their donations.) *Judges' decisions are final. Scoring Details: National Winners will be determined by a panel of 3-5 judges. We cannot reveal the judges' identities or their scores. Scoring: 50% Achievements 25% Overall Appearance 25% Overall Impression *All fees submitted are non-refundable. *Winners grant the Angelic Queen the right to use their image for promotional purposes. *National Winners may enter the following year's contest. We WILL NOT COMBINE DIVISIONS, but we may allow for a roll back in age divisions if one or more divisions is empty. We may also split divisions with Jr. and Sr. titles.* We cannot accept responsibility for damage to prizes due to mishandled mail. COMPLETE TERMS & POLICIES HERE

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 I have had wonderful experiences with my Pilato titles especially that of Angelic Queen. I have visited hospitals, and I ride in a lot of parades. I even had the chance to be photographed with Billy Dean and Kenny Rogers. My husband and family love the idea of my being considered Angelic, as I have much faith in the Lord and my Angelic Queen title has allowed me to make a difference in the world and serve God while serving others. I have been featured in Epiczine, Turn for The Judges and Pageant Parade with my Angelic Queen title and was even asked to audition for a Lifetime television pilot.

Hannah Sarah Khessel,